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Pia Riverola | Spain


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Pia’s use of colour and compelling storytelling create scenes and stories we feel we could fall into.

Why we love Pia

Evocative use of colour and compelling storytelling in Pia’s imagery create scenes you feel you could step into. Muted tones and bright splashes of colour throughout her work lend it a painterly quality, which flows throughout the different styles she turns her hands to. Her ability to capture traces of people indoors and outside conjures a dreamy surrealism and earthly honesty. We hope her work inspires you as much as it does the Gobe team.

Pia Riverola Gobe AmbassadorPia Riverola Gobe Ambassador

Who is Pia Riverola?

Pia Riverola was born and raised in Barcelona, and currently resides between Los Angeles and Mexico City. With an acute eye for detail and colour, she creates captivating imagery across the genres of fashion, still life, landscape, and architectural photography.

Pia Riverola Gobe Ambassador

“For me, it’s about recognising how life moves around everyday things.”

Pia Riverola Gobe Ambassador

“I’m always looking for shadows, shapes and interesting colours to see how light plays differently with certain places.”

Pia Riverola Gobe AmbassadorPia Riverola Gobe Ambassador

“I look at some of the photos now and I remember exactly how I felt in that moment.”

Pia Riverola Gobe Ambassador

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