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A (very) Photogenic American Road Trip.

Riding shotgun with Urth ambassador Ben Leo Davis.

Ben Leo Davis    |     AUSTRALIA


As little as we like pollution, we tend to agree that having a car is a great “x” factor and almost an essential thing in a photography trip. Urth Ambassador Ben Leo Davis tells us in photos (and words) a little bit about his road trip in America.


What made you want to go on this trip?

The US had been high on my list of destinations for some time, the West Coast in particular so when the opportunity to road-trip the US for a month presented itself, naturally I jumped at it! The idea of exploring the US solo was daunting at first but I found comfort in knowing all of the new and exciting places I would discover.


Monument Valley


What makes it such a good place for photography?

USA is so diversely incredible. Travelling from the lush green, gloomy surrounds of Washington and Oregon down to the dry sunshine filled states of Arizona and Utah absolutely blew my mind. It was great to be completely out of my comfort zone and able to absorb all of this new scenery. Nevada was unreal with the infamous Lake Tahoe wrapped in beautiful snow-capped mountains.


USA roadtrip


What’s your favourite shot from the trip? And why?

The winning shot, in my opinion, would have to be the one of the Chickadee bird flying out of my hand. This photo was shot using a 24-70mm f2.8 with my Urth CPL filter to prevent harsh light reflections from the snow and create better tone. This was a humbling experience to be able to feed and photograph these bewildering creatures while they hopped in my hands and sang.


USA Bird


Any particular tips for photographers heading to US?

My number one piece of advice would be to hire a car/van and travel the states road trip style. There is TOO much to see so having the freedom of driving with your belongings and accommodation is such a plus! This also gives you the opportunity to get that little bit closer to desired destinations, discover new locations and create shots that you may not have been able to reach otherwise.


Monument Valley Ben Leo Davis


Where has it inspired you to go next?

Iceland and Norway are next on the agenda! Planning this trip has always been impossible as I’ve always had something else on during the best seasons. I cannot wait to immerse myself deep in the raw scenery of Iceland’s unbelievable coastlines and to fall asleep under the natural beauty of the Northern Lights.


Monument Valley Ben Leo Davis

American Roadtrip

Ben Leo Davis American Roadtrip

American Roadtrip

Ben Leo Davis American Roadtrip


More about Ben Leo Davis

Growing up in South East Queensland, Ben was fortunate to be constantly immersed in an array of spectacular, natural scenery fostering an overwhelming desire to experience and capture our planet.

The diversity, freedom and feeling of solitude he finds while shooting is generously conveyed to the viewer allowing the imaginative character of each destination to shine.

Ben photographs using Urth memory cards and Urth lens filters.






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