15 Essential Products Every Photographer Should Have

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Not sure what products you’ll need in your kit to execute a professional photo shoot from start to finish? Take a look at what professional photographer Tim Swallow uses for his photo shoots, including his camera kit of choice, and what he keeps inside his tech organizer.

Words and Photography by Tim Swallow

The grey area is vast when drawing a line between everything a photographer ‘needs’ with everything a photographer ‘wants’.  

In this article I’m breaking down my basic kit that trims off the fat. So here it is, my essentials list. here are a few luxury items that make shooting more enjoyable for me, but these are the items I simply don’t leave for a shoot without. 

1. Film Camera + Filter

My choice is the Nikon F100 film camera, roll of Kodak Portra 400 with a Nikon 50mm F 1.8 prime lens and an Urth UV lens filter to protect my lens. 

2. Tech Organizer

I use the Urth tech organizer and this little bag packs a punch! It’s about the size of a bum bag and it contains my essentials when on the road. In it, I can fit items 3 to 9 in this list. 

The Urth Norite Modular Camera Backpack and Tech Organizer.

3. Sunglasses

Gotta protect your eyes, they are the best lens you’ll ever own.

4. Reusable Face Mask

Unfortunately these are the times we live in + it keeps your face warm on those frosty mornings.

5. Urth ND1000 Lens Filter Plus+

This awesome little ND1000 filter helps me to cut glare and slow my shutter in brighter light situations. 

6. Urth Camera Cleaning Kit

It’s nice to take care of your assets. 

7. Notebook & Pen

Call me old fashioned but I love to physically write things down, it clears my mind and helps me to digest information. 

8. Spare roll of film

Always handy!

9. Electrical essentials

I also keep a few electrical things in my tech bag  for my digital days, including; a rechargeable powerpack, Lacie 2T Hard DrivePelican Memory Card Case and Lexar Card Reader

10. Laptop & Case

I use an Apple Laptop – a necessity for workflow – with the Urth 15″ laptop case for protection. 

Shot with the Urth UV Lens Filter Plus+.

11. Phone

I recently got the iPhone 12 Pro and it made me realise how good photographic technology is getting. In saying that, it also furthered my love relationship with the tangible aspects of using film and shooting analog.  

12. Speakers

I use the UE Boom 3. Gotta keep the tunes going and the vibe high on a shoot!

13. Insulated Water bottle

This guy comes everywhere with me. I’m forever thirsty and like to stay super hydrated.

14. Keep Cup

My mum bought me a novelty camera lens keep cup about 14 years ago. At the time I was a budding photographer and I thought it was so lame, over the years I grew to love it and all the funny comments it attracted. So here I am, still sipping.   

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Tim Swallow

Photographer and Urth Ambassador Tim Swallow has a portfolio that effortlessly navigates between fashion, portraiture and music. Tim draws on his own natural exuberance in creating highly original images that are both refined and filled with spontaneous energy. He has built a client list consisting of fashion and lifestyle publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Monster Children, Russh, Stab and Side Note.

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