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The Packing List with Fabien Voileau

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Sometimes it’s better to look like a tourist than a photographer, and Fabien Voileau has figured out which camera will act as the perfect guise.

Words and Photography by Fabien Voileau

Much like photojournalism, street photography requires great effort to blend into the background, to tread lightly enough not to disturb any element of a scene. Here, French photographer Fabien Voileau shares which camera he uses for street work to go unnoticed by pedestrians, as well as the other pieces of gear he packs to nail the perfect shot. 

The Packing List

5D Mark IV

Contax G2

Yashica T5

DxO One

24mm f1.4

35mm f1.4 

70-200mm f2.8 

Urth’s The Duet 67mm

Urth’s The Collection 67mm

Urth’s The Duet 77mm

Extra Batteries

Pelican’s memory card underwater case

Kodak 35mm roll films

“Being able to walk around and work unnoticed has a lot of benefits.”

Canon 5D Mark IV

This is the camera I use for most things work related, from the street to the ocean.

Contax G2

My main camera for both personal and everyday use. Whether it’s on the road or at home with my family.

Yashica T5

This one I use mostly for low light environments and I use it with the flash too. Mostly for street work. Its shape and amateur looks are perfect for my needs, meaning most of the time you are not taken too seriously (except by connoisseurs). Being able to walk around and work unnoticed has a lot of benefits.

DxO One

This camera allows me to do things my other cameras won’t. I can get really close to the subject or what I want to highlight, like close headshots on the streets and such.

“The Urth CPL 2 Peak never leaves my 35mm.”

24mm f1.4 Lens

It’s impossible not to have it. It provides a large frame without altering the subject geometry. Useful in so many situations.

35mm f1.4 Lens

35mm is my thing. It took me years to polish my style and work on my approach. 80% of the time, this is what I use.

70-200mm f2.8 Lens

Very useful for close ups on subjects and long-distance shots.

Urth The Duet 67mm

The Urth CPL 2 Peak never leaves my 35mm.

Urth The Collection 67mm

Always very cool to have with me, it brings added creativity. The purple filter (FLD) is definitely my favourite.

“I always have at least two dozen rolls of Portra 400 with me, plus a few extra of TX or TMAX.”

Urth The Duet 77mm

I rotate between different filters depending on my needs. From basic light projection with the URTH UV to the ND1000 for a different approach.

Pelican Memory Cards Underwater Case

Safety first! Waterproof, tough and very user friendly.

Kodak 35mm Roll Film

I always have at least two-dozen rolls of Portra 400 with me, plus a few extra of TX or Tmax.

Extra Batteries

I’m often on the road and sometimes in places where finding a power source can be a challenge. Or in cold places where batteries die quickly and running out of batteries isn’t an option.

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Fabien Voileau