• Urth Radio 06

What We Listened to This Week #6

Welcome to Urth Radio #6 — Pablo Picasso.


This week’s curiously curated collection of candid creations is sponsored by Pablo Picasso. Sort of. The artist’s namesake track from the Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers has been stuck in my head for a week now. It all started when I saw a man on the train with an uncanny likeness in all features, except this man was dressed head to toe in glistening new running attire. I wish I could finish this story with a photo of the said gentleman but you will have to visualise it all by yourself. Pablo’s hair, the ears, the eyes, the look in those eyes and then fluorescent pink running singlet and matching shoes, have you got it? Perfect, you’re ready.


The Modern Lovers kick things off with their ode to the five-foot father of art and his irresistible stare. From there we skid through a moment of Love and slide right into Heart Full of Love before coming to a gentle stop with the oh so sweet tones of Durand Jones and The Indications. Worthy of a stop too, once you have glided through Urth Radio #6 you should go and listen to their entire new album right through, several times over. It’s like honey on perfectly soft toasted crumpet with a glass of vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Super quintet Derya Yildirim and Grup Suksek will coax you further down the line passing through Sudan and Brazil on and before you know it you’re senses introduced to David Byrne. You enjoy this immensely. Talking Heads haven’t made many songs that sound dated, and Sugar On My Tongue is as delightfully invigorating as ever. Followed by some Brian Jonestown Massacre because who really can follow the Talking Heads and do them any kind of justice.

The last leg is peppered with pieces of The Zombies Daydreams and Praise. The accompaniment to your headphone cocooned walk through your city at night. Before you know, Van Morrison is calling the evening, It’s all over now baby blue.

We hope you enjoy Urth Radio #6. A Playlist by us, for you.



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