How to Store Lens Filters – Do’s & Don’ts

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There’s nothing worse than a messy camera bag when you’re out shooting. But don’t despair. Keeping your photographic investments safe without sacrificing space or adding too much weight is easier than you think.

Words by Eleanor Scott

Photography by Urth HQ

We’ve all been there. You’ve just hiked two hours to take some dreamy landscape shots of your favourite swimming hole in the dead of summer, only to reach for that ND filter – the one that’s going to make the best of some harsh lighting. Oh wait, that’s right. You left it behind to save space. Now you’re between a huge aperture, a super fast shutter speed and a hard place. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Many photographers choose to keep their filters in whatever protective packaging they purchase them in – it’s a solid option, especially if you’re toting filters of different sizes. Most filter packaging is designed for this and you won’t have any issues with it moving around, getting scratched or marked inside the tin. However, when you start adding multiple filters to your kit, you should consider stacking them and using lens filter caps.

“By stacking your filters, you’ll save on weight and space.”

Our filter caps are included in every filter kit, and you can purchase them separately too. Lens filter caps let you stack filters of the same size and protect the top and bottom by screwing in the hardened aluminium caps. By stacking your filters, you’ll save on weight and space.

Now you might be wondering: ‘why don’t I just keep all of my filters in a nice pouch and leave it at that?’ Good question. When properly insulated and very snug, filter pouches can be great for storing all of your lens filters in one place, although they can also be a little cumbersome and bulky in your bag. However, the real problem lies in finding one that won’t allow for any movement, because if there’s room in the pouch, your filters might end up rubbing together and damaging the glass. So why not combine the best of both worlds by first stacking your lens filters securely so they don’t move around, and then placing the stack in a soft pouch for extra protection?

Whatever you decide on, make sure to choose the right size filter caps for your filters – there’s more than one.

Did you know Urth makes lens filter kits and filter caps that reforest the world? Five trees are planted in deforested areas for every filter purchased. Shop our range of camera accessories here.

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