A Photo Project Turning Trees Into Heroic Explosions of Green

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Hugo Livet’s latest visual project is a love letter to the majestic beauty of trees. By digitally removing their trunks and branches, Hugo’s photos encourage us to pause and contemplate the explosions of green that surround us every day of our lives.

Words and Photography by Hugo Livet

Fireworks is a photographic project started in 2019. It is presented as a series of photographs of trees in an urban environment, the trunk and all visible branches of which have been removed by computer.

All that remains is the explosive power of the foliage, similar to fireworks in broad daylight.

Through the process of retouching images, I sought to extract by subtraction this explosiveness, this will to live which contributes to the majesty of the plant world but which is sometimes veiled by our habits of perception.

Trees in the city are often considered as secondary elements of decor or urban furniture. Through this project I am seeking to reverse this situation by making the city the backdrop for the tree, by drawing attention to these familiar beings, with whom we cohabit but whose existence we have almost forgotten.

In a context where more than half of the world’s population is urban, I think that this relationship to the nature that surrounds us is symptomatic of an ideological detachment between nature and culture which contributes to the ecological crisis we are experiencing.

By appealing to the imagination and the faculty of discernment, the Fireworks project seeks to orient the viewer towards a sensitive relationship to his environment and to the expressiveness of the non-humans who compose it.

“All that remains is the explosive power of the foliage.”

“The majesty of the plant world is sometimes veiled by our habits of perception.”

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Hugo Livet

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