Capture More Detail on Hazy Days with a UV Filter

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Photographer Justin McLean took a UV filter out on a hazy morning to test its ability to cut through atmospheric haze. What resulted were mystical, eery photos with impressive detail and depth.

Photography by Justin McLean

A UV filter has two major benefits on hazy, foggy mornings. The first is that it cuts atmospheric haze to increase detail and sharpness. This is particularly evident in the level of detail visible in the backgrounds of the images Justin shot, which would usually be lost to fog and haze. 

The second benefit of a UV filter is that it protects your lens from the water and dirt present in the air during these conditions, without affecting the exposure, contrast or colour saturation of your image. This means you can regularly wipe down your lens filter whenever it begins to fog up without worrying about damaging the protective coatings on your expensive lenses. Just as importantly, your photos will be as sharp as they can be. 

Shot with a Urth UV Lens Filter Plus+.
Shot with a Urth UV Lens Filter Plus+.Shot with a Urth UV Lens Filter Plus+.

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Justin McLean

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