Carla Step’s Shoot Day Must-Haves

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Almost every photographer you’ll come across, has accrued at least one clever convenience hack that make the process of shooting more seamless. We take a look inside Carla Step’s backpack to glean some fresh ideas we can borrow for our next photoshoot.

Words and Photography by Carla Step

When I’m preparing my backpack for a long day at work, I try to make a selection of the really important materials to avoid carrying more weight than necessary.

The materials can change depending on what I’m going to photograph or where it is, but there are a series of essential items that always travel with me. These are:

Gaffer Tape

Is a quick solution for a lot of things for example, when you need to mark a spot for the model or hang something on a wall — so I always try to have it in my case.

Cleaning gear

I always bring a blower to remove dust, a brush & microfibre cloths with me on a shoot. I wear glasses and get them dirty all the time from contact with the viewfinder. I used to always lose my microfibre cloths, until I began attaching them to my camera strap.

My camera strap from Urth

I really love this strap because it’s comfy when you’re carrying your camera for a long period of time. Also, I really like the quick release system which allows me to remove it when I need to work with a tripod.

SD card holder

I bought a little SD card holder in Japan, which has four card slots. It’s very handy and I love it. It’s always important to have SD cards organized and safe. 

A tethering cable 

I use a tethering cable to connect my camera to the iPad or laptop in case I need to shoot directly to a bigger screen.

My Urth essential filter kits

I always carry my essential filter kit in two sizes for my main lenses. This kit has a UV Filter Plus+, which helps me protecting the lenses, two ND Filters Plus+ (ND8 & ND1000) that blocks different stops of light and helps me have more control on the effect I want to achieve, and my favorite one; the CPL Polarizing Filter Plus+ that cuts reflected light and boosts all the colors in the image. 

A dongle with an SD card slot, my iPad pro and/or laptop

I bring these to transfer my photos easily if I need to while on a shoot. 

A few extras

I always bring a water bottle with me, the lighter the better. Also, a wireless speaker — it makes for a more comfortable and fun environment.  A hair clip is also handy when you have long hair to pull your hair back while on a shoot. Hand sanitizer is always nice to have on you, so you can clean your hands quickly when you’re working long hours and you don’t have access to water and soap.

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Carla Step is a visual artist whose photography focuses on the genres of fashion, travel and portraiture. Her training in graphic design and plastic arts, as well as her constant experimentation with photography have defined her style as an artist. As an Urth ambassador, Carla shoots with Urth lens filters.

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