Storing Lens Filters: What’s the Best Way to do This?

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Get to know how to store your lens filters correctly.

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

Storing lens filters correctly is important to protect them from dirt or damage. The good news is, there are lots of options to choose from.

How you choose to store your lens filter largely depends on what’s most convenient for you, how much you want to spend, and how you use your camera.

Lens Filter Storage Options

One of the simplest and most effective methods for storing lens filters is to use the protective case, box or pouch the filter came in. This ensures the filter is the right fit for the container. For instance, when you buy an Urth lens filter, it comes in a tin case lined with recycled foam to protect the filter and insulate it.

If you have more than one lens filter, lugging lots of individual containers around could prove a hassle, so this is where lens filter stackers or caps come in really handy. These compact lens filter storage solutions let you securely stack filters of the same size together. You simply twist the thread of each filter onto the cap. As well as protecting the filter, they are easy to store in a bag. The Urth aluminium lens filter cap, for example, makes the ideal lens filter storage for adventure photographers, as it’s incredibly secure and lightweight. Crucially, the filter glass will be shielded from sunlight and debris in the stacker, helping to prolong its life. Remember to choose the right size of stacker or cap for your lens filter.

When storing lens filters together, only do so in containers designed for multiple filter storage. Otherwise, the filters could rub against each other, causing scratch marks on the glass. If you keep the lens filter on the lens, protect it by putting the lens cap over the filter. This is certainly a good idea when your camera is not in use.

Aside from these options, there are many other different types of lens filter storage solutions. These include pouches, cases, tins, wallets, boxes and bags in various shapes and sizes, made from a range of materials. When deciding how to store a lens filter, consider what’s most useful to you.

How to Store Lens Filter When Travelling

If you carry your filters around with you on the field, a soft, lightweight storage solution makes life easy. On the other hand, a hard, bulkier container may be preferable for filters kept at home. If you’re going travelling, a mixture of the two types will prove handy. A lightweight lens filter container is ideal for when you’re out and about, while a more solid container can remain in the hotel room. See-through containers or pouches are also worth considering if you want easy access to your filters.

Alternatively, a special camera backpack is well worth the investment, especially if you intend to do a lot of travelling. This gives you secure compartment space for storing filters and the rest of your camera equipment.

Urth has two specially designed camera inserts, which fit inside our camera backpacks, for storing cameras, lenses, filters and more. You can read more about how to store your gear inside our camera cases.

Whichever lens filter storage option you choose, ensure the container is clean and free from moisture. It should also provide a snug fit so that the filter doesn’t move around and potentially get damaged.

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