Our Top Ten Useful Photography Apps

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Spotlight on ten of the best photography apps.

As any good photographer knows, the images you capture are only as good as the camera and filter you use. But, if you need some extra assistance, there are plenty of apps to help. Here are ten photography apps worth getting to know.


This versatile, paid-for app is ideal for photo planning. Whether you want to track the sun or moon, calculate hyperfocal distance or create photo to-do lists, we think this app has got it all.

Top Photography Apps

Landscape/outdoor photographers rave about this paid-for app, as its sun and moon calculator lets you plan shots anywhere on the planet. Find out when the sun will be behind a mountain or compensate for atmospheric refraction with the many advanced features. The web app is free to use.

Top Photography Apps


This all-singing, all-dancing, free app ensures you’ll get your shots spot-on. It includes a depth of field and hyperfocal distance calculator, a field of view calculator, a time-lapse calculator, an exposure reciprocation calculator, and loads more. In fact, it ticks all the right boxes for us.

Top Photography Apps

SUN SEEKER (Android/iOS)

The sun’s location and strength play a big part in capturing the right images, so landscape photographers will be eager to download the Sun Seeker app on their devices. This nifty, paid-for app, with its flat compass view and augmented reality 3D view, details where the sun is at any given time. As photography apps go, we think this one’s a great choice when travelling to hot climes.

Top Photography Apps

MAPS.ME (Android/iOS)

If you’re a travel photographer who’s landed in an unfamiliar location, you won’t want to waste precious photography time getting lost. Maps.Me is a free navigation app that lets you download maps anywhere in the world, even without any internet connection. Hence, we wouldn’t leave home without it.



Light is everything to a photographer, and when you need to assess the correct amount of light exposure for a shot, a light meter app comes in really handy. Furthermore, Photometer photography app is invaluable for accurately measuring the light intensity of different objects.

Long Exposure Calculator

If you use ND filters, this handy, free app works out the correct exposure time or shutter speed. Easy to use and supporting up to 20-stops of ND filter, it even comes with a countdown timer for exposures over 30 seconds. Job sorted!



If you want to recreate a shot and get the exact same lighting conditions, this free app lets you document the lighting of a particular image or scene by creating diagrams and noting what gear you used and where. We reckon it’s pretty clever.

Dark Skys

DARK SKY (Android/iOS)

Another must for the outdoor shooting, a weather app with real-time rain (and snow!) predictions for your precise location. The app gives minute-by-minute predictions for your exact whereabouts and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week. With advanced push notifications, get alerts before it starts raining or snowing in your neck of the woods. Unfortunately, detailed forecasts are unavailable in the Southern sphere, due to lack of radar coverage, but great for Northern adventuring whilst keeping your gear dry. Fully functioning Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.

Of course, there are loads of other great photography apps out there, so have a good look around and see what appeals to you most. To sum up, think about what you want from a photography app, and then choose accordingly. Happy shooting!

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