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Our reforestation project in Mozambique concentrates on rejuvenating mangrove forests. These forests are home to 20 threatened species of bird and hundreds of mammals. These mangrove forests will help protect soil, provide crucial habitat for local fauna, improve coral health in surrounding waters, and sequester carbon to help combat global warming.

The challenge

Mozambique’s civil war decimated many of its mangrove forests. Reestablishing the damaged forests and surrounding estuaries will provide habitat for the dozens of threatened bird species and hundreds of endemic mammals. The planting will help to subdue erosion, sequester carbon to combat climate change, and increase coral health in surround areas.

Our action

More than half the population of Mozambique live in poverty. We are addressing this issue by providing work for communities affected by deforestation. One of Mozambique’s team of planters planted over 80,000 trees in their first month of operations.

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